Why: Use Plotly charts and graphs in Plone
Plone 5 support: Yes
Site using this add-on:
  • This product is not released on Pypi.
  • It is in a very experimental stage, since I have no real use case for it yet (help or donations are welcome)
  • It uses Pandas and Numpy, which I will look more into if I get a real use case.
  • This Add-on has not been used on any sites!!


This product is not finished and is more a 'proof of concept'.


  • Download medialog.tablebehavior and medialog.plotly from github
  • Add to buildout.cfg
  • Install in Plone control panel
  • Add plotly behaviours to your content type
    [ ] Plotly CSV behavior
    [x] Plotly Chart behavior
    [x] Plotly General behavior
  • The CSV behavior let you replace you graph with content from an URL
  • Add content, click on the 'graph' tab end enter your data
  • Choose graph type
  • Save
  • Reload page