Why: Adds an option to choose size of lead image
Plone 5 support: Partly
Site using this add-on: http://www.christiegaarden.no/news

Usually in Plone, all Leadimages are shown in same size.
This product lets you choose wich size to use, or to drop the image completely.

  • Add medialog.leadimagesize to eggs section
  • Run buildout
  • Install the product in Plone's Add-on Control Panel
  • Go to dexterity control panel
  • Add Leadimagesize behavior to your content type
  • Add Lead Image behavior if the content type does not have this already
  • Add content
  • Select image size

For Plone 4, it is also possible to choose image size for 'Folder Summary View'.
This view is not ported to Plone 5 yet.